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Bored Club Association

The Association of Local Communities of the Bored Ape Yacht Club

Welcome to the most boring association in the world.
The Bored Club Association is a trade organization of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT local communities. Based on BAYC's values of collaboration and mutual aid, the association's mission is to help the communities come together in order to connect, share, learn and support each other. By creating a dynamic and innovative space, the Association also serves as a hub for helping push forward the BAYC movement.


Get the latest insights, news & alerts about what is "Apening" in the BAYC world through our exclusive feeds.


Access specialized resources & experts to assist you in the operation and development of your community.


Broaden your network by making connections with other Founders from communities around the world.


Get help in building your communities through various custom tools and applications.

Association Members

The most boring communities

UK Ape Club

BAYC/MAYC/BAKC • 350 Members on Discord
God save the apes! The UK Ape Club is open to any resident or citizen of the United Kingdom that owns a BAYC, MAYC or BAKC.
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Bored Club Canada

BAYC/MAYC • 225 Members on Discord
Founded in 2021, the Bored Club Canada represents the most influential and exclusive group of NFT collectors in Canada.
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French Ape Yacht Club

BAYC/MAYC • 120 Members on Discord
Bonjour! The French Ape Yacht Club is open to any French speaking BAYC or MAYC from anywhere around the world.
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Bored LApes

BAYC/MAYC/BAKC • 330 Members on Discord
Bored LApes was the first and is the most active Ape community in California. We have a group of high value collectors on top of a friendly community.
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Portugal Ape Club

BAYC/MAYC • 25 Members on Discord
Bom dia from Portugal! We may be a small community but we are a very tight group of apes and mutants. Obrigado!
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Iberian Apes Club

BAYC/MAYC • 34 Members on X
Iberian Apes Yatch Club is a local BAYC/MAYC community to bring together apes in the region of Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar.
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BAYC/MAYC • 75 Members on X
Kamusta from the Philippines! Our name BAYKADA is a play on the word "Barkada" which means friends in Filipino.
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Japan Ape Club

BAYC/MAYC • 50 Members on Discord
Konnnichiwa! Japan Ape Club is a Japanese community to talk about all things BAYC, MAYC and Otherside. Arigato!
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Apes of Korea

BAYC/MAYC • 55 Members Kakaotalk & Discord
Yeoboseyo ape frens! Apes of Korea is a community on Kakaotalk and Discord for Korean from all over the world.
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German Ape Club

BAYC/MAYC • 75 Members on Discord
Guten tag! German Ape Club is open to any German speaking Ape or Mutant from anywhere around the world.
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Latam Apes

BAYC/MAYC • 59 Members on X
Our members are from 18 different countries with a common mission: to elevate the Latin@ culture, support each other and help our people thrive.
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Magic City Apes

BAYC/MAYC • 75 Members on X
Based in Miami, our members include celebrities, investors, philanthropists, high net-worth individuals, as well as up-and-coming developers and more.
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Singapore Ape Club

BAYC/MAYC • 150 Members on Telegram
The Singapore Ape Club is a Singapore-based community of the “Lion City” with over 150+ exclusive BAYC/MAYC members sharing the spirit of Web3.
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BAYC/MAYC • 20 Members on Discord
Bored Apes And Punks is a community from India where Apes, Mutants and Punks are coming together to create something meaningful.
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Malaysia Ape Club

BAYC/MAYC • 55 Members on Telegram
Bolehland! The Malaysia Ape Club is open to any citizen around the world that own exclusive BAYC or MAYC NFT. Bored Lah.
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Turkish Ape Yacht Club

BAYC/MAYC/ 20 Members on X & WhatsApp
Merhaba ape frens! The secret of this tribe is in the gathering. A badass group for BAYC and MAYC in Turkiye.
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Ladies of BAYC

BAYC/MAYC • 150 Members on X
International community and support network bringing together the female holders of BAYC and MAYC. We are definitely not a +1.
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Chinese Ape Club

BAYC/MAYC • 500 Members on X
A family of Chinese speaking BAYC & MAYC holders around the world. No matter where you are, as long as you speak Chinese, you are family.
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Dubai Ape Club

BAYC/MAYC • 60 Members on Discord
Private Club for BAYC & MAYC holders in Dubai. If you are part of the club and live in Dubai or want to visit, know that you have family here.
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Elite Apes HK

BAYC/MAYC • 150 Members on X & Telegram
Elite Apes, stationed in Hong Kong, is a premier global resource for insightful crypto/NFT discussions, IP Licensing, and professional networking meetups.
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Czech & Slovak Ape Yacht Club

BAYC/MAYC • 15 Members on X
Dobry den z Ciech a Slovenska! We're the first official Czech & Slovak club for BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, HV-MTL & Otherside holders.
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Ape 101 TW Club

BAYC/MAYC • 200 Members on Line
你好! We are the most vibrant and biggest NFT community in Taiwan with over 200 members. Ape together forever strong!
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United Georgia Apes

BAYC/MAYC • 16 Members on X
We are your all things BAYC concierge when in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Let us know when you plan on visiting so we can show you our southern hospitality.
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Southwest Apes

BAYC/MAYC • 151 Members on X
Bored community of Apes and Mutants located in south/southwestern states of the US shaping the wild west of web3.
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808 Apes

BAYC/MAYC • 23 Members on X
Aloha Apes frens! We are a BAYC/MAYC community gathering together in the lush landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands.
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